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Jam City Studios was established in 2013. Since then, we have recorded 100’s of truly talented artists–some of which have taken their music to a whole new level. We have also seen too many extraordinary artists simply release their music to social media fans for a measly 20 likes. We’ve seen many who’ve gone on to gather 100k’s of plays/streams and never collect a dime on any of them. Our Government is slow and Copyright Law cannot keep up with the vast ever-grown internet. Since the year in which Jam City was established, we have developed and continue to working systems & solutions to you as an artist collect. 

“Every time a sound recording gets played, someone gets paid. That someone should be you!” 

John Kellogg, Berklee College of Music, Kellogg Law Firm

 Perhaps, one of the most important things for an artist to know is how they get paid. The hardest part is setting it all up. After that, being a DIY musician is nothing more than maintenance your systems. Music industry payouts come in from multiple sources, but when registered properly and set up correctly, industry payouts can easily be fed into one pocket; yours! 

 We would sincerely like to hear about your project! However, whether you decide to contact us for our Project Mangement service(s), I hope you take away a few things. There are four types of royalties that you as a musician can collect on. There are many ways to maximize those royalties. If you don’t somehow collect on your entitled royalties, those funds still have to be paid by large companies like Spotify, iTunes, etc. Even department stores to concert venues have to pay. If the artist is not registered, where does the money go? It stays in the hands of major labels and corporations. It is important for anyone who takes part in creating a sound recording to get registered correctly. 

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This page is still under construction. In the meantime, here is our current flyer for our Project Management services. Hit us up via the contact form below. Thanks!

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