Jam City Talk

Why Your Artist Website is Important

For starters, it shows that you are serious about your music and you are not only a musician but a brand, and a business. It’s much more efficient than saying, “hit me up on Instagram at @Rapp_Floz_3649” or whatever. You’re…

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The Distributor


Recently, Jam City began helping artists with the distributor. Since we’ve begun helping artists I’ve gotten several of the same questions and comments. Some of this stuff can be confusing to say the least, and it is my…

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Royalties & Copyright


“Every time a sound recording gets played, someone gets paid. That someone should be you!” 

John Kellogg, Berklee College of Music, Kellogg Law Firm

This couldn’t be truer. If you don’t collect these pennies, then they stay in the hands…

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Jam City Studios: Project Management


Jam City Studios was established in 2013 as a place for local musicians to collaborate on their projects. Over time, it has become a recording and networking hub. Jam City Engineers record 100’s of artists and projects each year. Many…

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