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Jam City Studios was founded in 2013 by U.S. Army Combat Veteran, Christopher Canada. In 2015, Canada teamed up with Daryl Cherry and Jam City was off to a humble beginning. Since then the Jam City crew has teamed up with two more awesome engineers; Wes DeLoach of Wes DeLoach Audio and Patrick Richardson of Turnip Farm Records. Over the years, we have worked with unbelievably talented Artists and have worked on amazing projects of all types. We don’t do this because we love it – it’s more than that; it’s something we are compelled to do. 

Jam City focuses on Recording, Mixing & Mastering projects of all types and genre, as well as Project Management. We are experienced with bringing projects to life. This include an array of services we are able to offer Artists of all types, Labels, Agents, and Entrepreneurs. Our experience doesn’t stop at just music; we have helped in the branding of small businesses – even hobby projects that have become day jobs!   

Jam City is our little oasis for creative minds to intercept. Over the years, our industry network has expanded. We strive to continue building this network. In addition to our talented engineers, we have several talented and Industry known Mastering Engineers. Our vision is to provide Artists the tools to bring their artistic abilities to life. Art is human expression that lives in the hearts of us all. We offer a variety of resources to anyone with a vision.    

The studio itself has an excellent acoustically treated live room, sound conditioned vocal/isolation booth, and a comfortable control room. We feel it is the perfect environment and welcoming atmosphere for your creative. 

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words but must never remain silent.” 

– Victor Hugo

Jam City Crew.

Chris Canada

Chris Canada

Chris Canada – Founder and Executive Producer of Jam City. Canada is known as an avid local and regional live sound engineer. He has worked in and around the stages since his military career. He has worked several tours, large festivals, and events under titles such as a "the volume controller guy", artist/project management, stagehand, "that video dude" to production coordinator and stage manager. He studied at Berklee College of Music and lately has specialized in project management and artist development, as well as marketing. He is an eight-year Army combat veteran. In his words, "After I was medically retired from the Army, I promised myself I would never work a job that I wasn't passionate about. Music isn't just something I love; it's something I am compelled to do!" 

Darryl Cherry – His recording approach starts at the artist. Finding what moves you and will move the audience. Capture the best performance from artist in the moment and create music that you hear in your head and jump out of the speakers. Mixing and Mastering Engineer. Works include: Visions of Brutality, Shon Fame, J Rock, K-Bird, Khaos843, Lunar Kin, Quarter Draft, Torch The Throne, None Shall Be Spared, Tru Sol, TK Tha Kidd, Whit Almeraz, Undaground Beard Gang, Pretty Lu, O.S., Jumpman, Lukky Louch, Young Dex, Troublez, Davvy Duffle – and many more.

Darryl Cherry

Darryl Cherry

Wes Deloach

Wes Deloach

Wes Deloach – studied and was certified at Midlands Audio Institute. Wes has produced Airiss, American Oak,  Ascension, Blakely,  Camille Edwards, Caustic The MC, Cee$$, ChanMan, Collision of Innocence, Cory Plaugh (Villanova, 2 Chainz, Waka Flaka Flame),  Diamondz, Doug Clemons, Drea Starr, Driven Astray, Flow Fargo, Hands of Elohim, Hollow Eyes, Hometown Sluggers, J Carter, James Carter, John Parrish, Jo Jo Nichols, Kara Brooke, Ken Lanyon (Shinedown, Crossfade, Jump Little Children), Kristoff, Lara Maraqa, Lowkat, Luke Wright, Mac Jones, Markel Rice, Michelle Laplante, Noise Gate, Pamela Cannon Cook (Vocal coach & Student Mentor) Pete & Angie Vall, Scott Rives Sean Coates (EVA, All Or Nothing, Dallas Baker), Severist, Small Talks, Trill Tev, Tyree D, Van Hook, Victor Gugay, Voices At Midnight, Will Ness, and many more.  Visit WES DELOACH AUDIO for more information. 

Paterack is an avid videographer, photographer, computer programmer and music producer. He is also an active musician and has been named on several projects as a studio musician. Patrick Richardson co-founded Turnip Farm Records which has released and re-released several albums from Myrtle Beach local legends such as The Drag, Sqwearl, The Sharklegs and many more. He has directed and produced several music videos for hip-hop artists, which have collected millions of views. You can find more about Patrick at