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Jam City focuses on Recording, Mixing & Mastering projects of all types and genres. We are experienced with bringing projects to life. This includes an array of services we are able to offer Artists, Labels, Agents, and Entrepreneurs alike. Our experience doesn’t stop at just music; we have helped in the branding of small businesses – even hobby projects that have become day jobs!   

Jam City is our little oasis for creative minds to intercept. Over the years, our industry network has expanded. We strive to continue building this network. In addition to our talented engineers, we have several talented and Industry known Mastering Engineers.

The studio itself has an excellent acoustically treated live room, sound conditioned vocal/isolation booth, and a comfortable control room. We feel it is the perfect environment and welcoming atmosphere for your creative.

From Jam City Engineers

This video was produced by Wayward Sons Productions and directed by Bryan Eckardt. The audio was produced, recorded, and mixed by Wes Deloach of Wes Deloach Audio at Jam City Studios in Myrtle Beach SC. Digital editing by Robin Leijon and Wes Deloach. Mastered by Cory Plaugh at Plaugh's House.

© Elohim Music Inc. 2019

This video was filmed by MTJR ABM da movement/ 1st Up Ent. The audio was recorded by Daryl Cherry (DC). It was mastered at Jam City Studios by DC. 

© Copyright Shon Fame 2019

This video was filmed by Shackhouse Music Group. It was recorded and mixed in Fayetteville, NC by Deon Blyden, (YP). It was mastered by Christopher Canada of Jam City Studios. 

© Shackhouse Music Group 2019 

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Royalties & Copyright


“Every time a sound recording gets played, someone gets paid. That someone should be you!” 

John Kellogg, Berklee College of Music, Kellogg Law Firm

This couldn’t be truer. If you don’t collect these pennies, then they stay in the hands…

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Jam City Studios: Project Management


Jam City Studios was established in 2013 as a place for local musicians to collaborate on their projects. Over time, it has become a recording and networking hub. Jam City Engineers record 100’s of artists and projects each year. Many…

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